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I'm planning on revamping this website. The current plan is I'll make pretty much the entire website from scratch, as it's really all static data besides news updates, so it's not too difficult. The plan is to make it responsive so it'll look and work right on anything from phones to desktops.

The issue comes down to... I don't want to try to make a Forum from scratch. I'd like to find one I can integrate in easy and will work good, including a responsive design.

I'd like input if anyone has anything I should look at that would be easy enough to use and would work good for the website here.
What we need i can think of...

  • Open Source
  • Easy to modify the looks/appearance
  • Responsive design
  • Can allow moderated anonymous posts like now
  • Allows users to also make accounts, so trusted users don't have to go through moderation.
  • easy to search and find posts for users looking for answers to questions
  • Will last and be well supported for years to come

Anything else anyone can think of? I haven't messed with Forum software much in years, but anything has to be better than this one... going to dump all of Tiki software.

I would recommend SMF, since it's the same that we use in Porting Kit Communitty and have everything you want (expect a responsive design theme :P ) 


I really don't like making websites that aren't responsive design... 

Right now I'm playing around some with phpbb which seems to be working good.  Version 3.1 is responsive enough.

Playing around with it some here... link) 

Maybe consider a replacement to the forum in the elkectonic Help Desk arena

I use Freshdesk and if its one or two admins, it is free. It has a web app too.

My thought is that the forum is primarily a help desk for one but once a resolution occurs, you want to make that public to all.

I have no affiliation with Freshdesk (



Hands down best modern forum:

I also second using discourse (, way better than phpbb for Forums.


I would recommend NodeBB. (, link) ) Its open source and free, the site does sell cloud hosted ones.


I agree, nothing is better then discourse and it is a joy to administer... highly recommend...


Or you move to SLACK, which also makes sense


free for small teams, also has apps and some cool intergrations and is fully mobile

The problem with Discourse is you don't control your own destiny. It pretty much only runs in a Docker, which is a blocker for me.


I've been looking at FUD forum which is small, simple, and pretty well maintained, but is not very responsive in a mobile sense.


What do you mean it only runs in a Docker... I don't really get what you mean.

You may want to check Odoo to build a website quickly, add a blog, a forum, chat, among many other things such as ecommerce, project and customer management. Odoo is also available as a free community edition you can run on your own servers. It's also open-source.




First and foremost: thank you for all that you do and have done with Wineskin! I don't want to learn Wine itself although I am a bit of a nerd, and I don't like CrossOver, so Wineskin is my go-to for Windows gaming. Lol.

How are you doing with the forum setup? I completely forgot about it, but link) has free forum hosting using Invision Power Board. It's easy to use, and they seem to have good servers - I've only had connectivity issues once over the last couple months while helping someone setup a forum using that site (if you'd like to see, the forum is at: link) and I'm BLaze). There are some problems it seems - like some options aren't even taking effect (Shoutbox options in user control panel in particular) but I wasn't there for the inital setup so I don't know if that's because of something the owner did or a problem with the default boards themselves. I have done some of the admin & moderator work since and have a pretty good understanding of it just from messing around, but haven't "just known" how to fix this stuff or tried to Google as of yet (though I just found out a few minutes ago, lol).

If you'd like some help please let me know Would be glad to at least assist with the inital setup and testing if not try to stay on as a moderator or other staff/local forum psycho. I've been admin or mod on a few other forums in the past, though most of my experience is only with moderator tools and work I do learn fast and can Google/read well.





wow can i download wineskin 2.6.2


can any one give me link so that i can download wineskin 2.6.2

how to download?Where to download?

Pudding: download what?

I would say keep up to day with Winskin...


Instead of forcing users to download 1.7, only to update within the wrapper, allow users to download the latest version directy on the site..


You have under "Information" link (Winskin 2.6.1+) works on" yet u don't offer 2.6.1 link anywhere... instead u just offer 1.7, which is old..



There is always Wineskin and Wineskin Winery confusion.  Winery is currently at 1.7. It is a management app. Wineskin wrappers on the other hand (created in Winery) are a different version.  When you download Winery, you do not have Wineskin at all. Inside Winery you'll manage getting latest Wineskin and Wineskin engines, and create wrappers.  So you do not need a different version of Winery just because wrapper or engine updates come out. 

I would same mobile repsonsive design so they lok right on mobile device..Eays enough to do with <div> tags...




someone can update the program for la sierra for mac also pleaso update the site is urgenty to download the program

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