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speedup application startup

Is there any trick or tip to speed up the startup of an application? (namely a custom EXE).
On Windows the first basic window (a logon form) pops up after 2secs, whereas with Wineskin it takes ~15secs.
I guess most of the time is taken by the initial startup of WineskinX11.
With standard Wine distribution I managed to get a little boost by pre-starting wineboot at Mac OS boot.
Any clue?

not a whole lot you can do... I still have plans to try to streamline the start up process a bit more to shave as much off as I can, but it has to start up a lot of things before it even gets to trying to start the Windows program.  Some programs still start up faster than others.

you mean that nothing - from the wineskin bundle - can be started beforehand at Mac OS startup?

I mean pre-loading some winskin component thus "hiding" their execution during the MacOs boot.

Wineskin apps are fully self contained.  They'd have to have 1 shared installed program to start up at start up.... or an option in the wrapper to cache itself at startup, then you could do it for only the wrappers you wanted... but even then without starting all of the X server (which means having the icon in the Dock like its running), you wouldn't shave off more than a second or two.  If this was a single app like Crossover that runs all your programs, instead of them being self contained, then it would be much easier to cache some things.

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