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Wineskin for MediaMonkey - yes please!

I've used Wineskin for MediaMonkey for a few weeks now and I must say, it's a brilliant product.

MM4 is going through a beta release cycle now and I'm checking each build as it progresses.

Running MM under Mac OS X with Wine(external link)

looks cool.

I would suggest if you are only running a windowed application, to go in Screen Settings and turn on window decorations... so it looks more Mac like. Right now everything will look like OSX 10.5 though sadly... but I'm looking at adding in the next update for it to only fall back to that if it needs and try to run the window manager on your system thats made to look like your OS version windows.

Under your direction I've been using Wine 1.3.24 because of the coreaudio issues.

I see that Wine 1.3.28 is out. Is there anything in that release that might change this situation?

No idea.. you'd have to try it out and see

I have a Mac virtualbox instance. When I install Wineskin and my MacMM wrapper the application won't launch. Why?

I access the instance remotely via VNC.

I'm not entirely sure, but I have heard of many problems with Wine over VNC... if you do a Test Run for logs, and look at the console.app error logs, you may see some indication of why its failing.

Having thought about this I don't think that it is VNC causing the issue as I can access my Mac Air via VNC perfectly normally. The virtual mac (obviously) has different graphics cards.

Air: 256Mb
Virtual: 4Mb

Which is odd because Virtualbox is configured for 256Mb.

I have now updated to Wine 1.4 and the audio section seeems to work fine so I'm a happy man :-)

I'd like to know why I am failing to run the skinned version of the product. I can't find anything that seems to help me in the logs. Is there any help that you can provide to me?

How to I get access to/control my CD drive?
MM doesn't seem to recognise disks and I cannot open the drive from the OS.




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