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Shadowrun in Mac OSX

This is the 2007 shooter game. I know there were other kinds so I just want to make that clear before I continue. The windows live component had previously prevented me from porting it into Mac OSX.

With Winestaging21 I tried to port it with the xlive and Visual C++ 2005 libraries installed by winetricks.
It either fals to launch and spits out the attached winelog or it gets to the compatibility screen where it tells me there are some issues (the same pop up I've seen in windows vista, so that should be fine) I click to ignore it and instead of launching the game, it comes up with a further popup "Degubber not allowed" Shadowrun has detected that you are currently running a user-mode or Kernal-mode debugger and cannot continue.

Anyone know what I could do to fix this and get the game to start?

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