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Trying to get Nitro Family up and working. Got a copy cheap from somwhere...
Made a wrapper with Wineskin winery, which says version of the wrapper is 2.6.2
and version of Wine is 2.2.1 which I believe is the latest one. I have it set up as Windows XP, ran Winetricks, said "Give Wine a 2 gig video card" and Direct X 9.0c is installed, and Auto Detect graphics cards is turned off as well (if that helps, or not??) and....nothing...gets to white screen,** and I have to force quit wineskin and everything else (by holding down the power button) and restarting. It should work, and I remember gettting it working (once) with Crossover, but that was a long long time ago. The specs for the game don't look too bad, Pentium 4, 32 meg video card and Windows XP, with 256 megs of ram recommended, but it'll run with 128 megs of ram. Hmmm....the read me does mention something about Transform and Lighting (T&L) and that the card must support it....Hmmmm??? i thought wineskin's video cards supported it automatically...maybe I was wrong...it's not like I'm missing a great game here, yeah i know, it's crap, but it's fun crap...
and, well, it should work (me thinks) but...nope.... I'm stumped for now. I got Falllout New Vegas working fine before, and a few other games working fine as well, and I'm guessing Fallout NV has slightly steeper requirements than this thing, probably lasts longer too, and more enjoyable...oh well, whatever floats my boat, right.....
thanks for any ideas
John B

    • tried it in windowed mode at 800x600, no good, tried it fullscreen, still no good, made sure that direct X 9 was installed (via winetricks), nope, didn't do squat. So, I'm out of ideas

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