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Trying to launch wineskin by command line without "echo"?

I'm really new, so please forgive me if this question is ignorant. I am trying to launch wineskin through a command line in terminal, but it "echoes" the processes.

Is there a flag or anything that will let the app run silently? I don't want to run the packaged .app, I need to run wineskin executable directly.


Its not really made to run directly... sometimes it will relaunch itself depending on what WineskinLauncher and WineskinX11 do, but should close out pretty quickly.

By silent... I'm not sure what you mean. You want it to run with no Icon showing its running? I'm not really sure thats possible with the current builds of WineskinX11 which is the actual Icon you see...

So here's the full issue, which I should have just explained to begin with - sorry!

The game I'm trying to run has a Java based launcher that eventually fires off an EXE. If I run the Java launcher in Wine, it gets all flickery and bad looking. If I run the same jar in OS X natively, it runs perfectly... But once Play is clicked, I need for it to run wineskin, which will in turn launch the EXE. The developer is going to set the Java launcher to run ./wineskin when it detects an OS X system, and I have created an alias that will reside in the same directory as the jar file.

When I just double click and run the wineskin executable, it starts the game just fine, but it also opens a terminal window that shows the process. I'd rather it be "silent" like when you click on the .app - it runs wineskin without the terminal window opening up.

Again, sorry if my question lacks some basic understanding of how Wineskin works - I'm new and just fooling around trying to get this game running in an easily distributable form.


I don't see what the issue is.

Yes if you double click Wineskin in there it will Launch the wrapper using Terminal. If Java or a Bash script, or C or any other program makes a system call to start it, it will not use terminal. So if the Java app calls Wineskin, it should start up normally... not like it was double clicked in Finder.

Now if you need to pass in some command line arguments too, then it will be a bit different... is that the case?

If Java running the Wineskin command doesn't cause a terminal window to pop up, then this whole conversation is moot. I'm waiting on the developer to get me a new Java launcher to test... I was just trying to be proactive in case there were any command line arguments that needed to be passed to make it "silent."

Is there a reference anywhere for these arguments?

Thanks for the input!

The wrapper already proves it.

By default the Wrapper uses the WineskinLauncher program, not the Wineskin program. WineskinLauncher in turn uses a system call (its ObjC/Cocoa, not Java, but works the same) to launch Wineskin... so that happens in the normal running of a wrapper all the time even when you double click it from Finder. This is currently a necessary evil needed to having all these apps run in a single app, until i can get the launcher, wineskin, and wineskinx11 all integrated into a single app.... and kind of why you can notice a little extra double hop in launching things.

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