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PCem v13 - Mouse Issues

I have created a wrapper for PCem v13 using the 2.22 engine (with the Mac Driver screen option). I am trying to get the (guest) mouse to work properly, but it is slow and behaves erratically. I didn't get this problem in v12. The mouse emulated is the PS/2 2-button mouse.

I have posted a video on YouTube showing what happens in both v12 and v13, and about 4:12, I show what happens when X11 is used. The mouse seems to behave normally, but it jumps to a random position on screen. Also, when I access certain elements on the Windows '95 desktop, the host mouse cursor appears even if I click inside the PCem window to hide it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGsnAZUulr0(external link)

I am using OS X 10.8 as my host.

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