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Wrapped Steam wont launch 64-bit game even though I have a 64-bit computer?

I did some looking around, and after some lengthy consideration, I bought Skyrim SE here on steam when it was 50% off. I know the game runs only on Windows and in 64-bit. So I used Wineskin Winery to wrap the latest version of Steam client for Windows in order to port it for Mac use. The client works wonderfully, aside from some texture and navigation issues... Ive used WinSteam to launch Terraria and Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the past, so I dont know why WinSteam isnt capable of launching Skyrim.

It keeps saying that I need 64-bit Windows (which is Windows 7+), yet that shouldnt matter since my iMac runs a Core i7 and is thus using 64-bit, and the client runs off the port. So the whole "windows" issue shouldnt be happening. Unless there is something the error message is leaving out, Im lost and unsure what to do.

I dont have the money to buy a Windows PC (I know right), so I wont be playing Skyrim on a native windows for quit a while. But that shouldnt stop me from playing the game here on Mac first. I did go out of my way to pay for the game anyway. And like I said, the client port is stable, soo....

Your hardware supports 64 bit, but the Wine build in Wineskin only supports 32 bit Windows applications.  64 bit support on Wine on Macs is ... ok, but not really perfect.

There are some Mods in the forums over at http://www.portingteam.com(external link) people have used to change a wrapper into 64 bit.  Not sure how good they work.


Is there something stopping the 64-bit engine builds that are available at PortingTeam from working in the current version of Wineskin?  I have yet to get a single one to successfully launch a game.

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