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Clicking the winetricks button completely crashes wineskin

Error Report on macOS 1.13 High Sierra
https://pastebin.com/PeuTtEQU(external link)

I pressed something like: show installed software.
Now, everytime i press winetricks in the advanced options menu, instant crash

I have restarted, deleted wineskin etc

Is there a something I can delete to not auto-show the installed software thingy on winetricks....

this is sooo annoying, i'm just trying to get steam to work on mah mac


Guys, please. I really want to play some Steam games

You can manually change this setting.

Go to your home folder Library, under Preferences, and look for the following file...


That saves the options... you can just trash that one, and replace it with the one I have attached with that extra option disabled.  There is little reason to enable that, it slows things down a lot.  If you have many things installed, sometimes it can take several minutes (or more) to even load.

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