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Localisation problem

I have problem with launching the windows install program.

Ive run the installation of windows program in exe extension

everything works perfect except one thing:

the instalation manager check the requirements of the system before installing the program

and here it goes
I've passed everything except localization of system

My native system localization of Mac OS (hi Sierra) is polish
so I expectd to be polish as well in wine

I've check the reg edit menu in the wine package and it point that wine have POLAND localization in registry but honestly I can't move past the installation cuz it declines and says that my system is not polish localized

am I missing some extension or dlls ?

Is there anybody with same problem ?

I think there was a similar problem brought up before... 

Check here

http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=1003(external link)



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