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Code signing a Wrapper


is there a way to code sign a Wineskin Wrapper so that it can be opened on any other Mac without the user having to use the Ctrl + Open option (Sierra), and confirm to expection in macOS Option|Security/Gatekeeper (High Sierra)?

I read any possible post on this forum and on the Internet and found 0 solutions.

Any suggestions will be appreciated (PS: I can create the Wrapper on El Capitan and High Sierra).


Upon the release of High Sierra, Wineskin now has a bug when it's run in that environment. The automatic graphics card reader no longer functions correctly. If you want to run a wrapper on High Sierra simply launch the Wineskin.app of the wrapper and click on Set Screen Options, uncheck the Auto Detect GPU for Direct 3D option and the wrapper should work correctly.


No. Can't codesign a wrapper. You need to create an installer and codesign that instead. We've been doing that for three years and it has worked very well for us.

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