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Chinese Characters on vocal synth program appear as blank boxes - Please help?

I'm not the smartest crayon in the knife drawer, so please bear with me. I'm a frequent user of vocal synths, and as an owner of a MAC, it sucks to know that several of them are Windows only programs.

Fortunately, Wineskin is here to help that, but I can't seem to get the program to register the characters to appear. I am trying to install Vocal Synth programs called MUTA and Sharpkey. Let me detail my progress below. I'll also include the IMGUR links to screenshots just in case the embedded images don't load:


https://imgur.com/4Pd4wLT(external link)

First, I create a new Wrapper, and I enter Advanced. I've done this process before with a program called UTAU, which is Japanese. I enter the export LANG code, and I imput export LANG=zh_CN.utf-8. Believe me, I've literally tried the other language codings, and it all results in the same thing, which you can see here:


https://imgur.com/41iVL4c(external link)

I get this beauty.


https://imgur.com/lE2lYvO(external link)

Somehow, though, the Chinese text DOES appear when I exit out of the installation. If I continue with the installation, regardless if the boxes are there, or if gibberish text appears, the program will flash rapidly across my screen, in and out. I tested to see if there was a way I could stop the flashing, and if I install the program with regular Winery, it will install, but with gibberish text. But at least it doesn't flash rapidly amiright?

With Sharpkey, it's not much better. Instead of blank boxes, I get black bars like a barcode to appear.


https://imgur.com/pOMZTNI(external link)

I'm kind of hoping that I'll get a fast response to this issue, but any and all help is very much appreciated!

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