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Wineskin High Sierra (10.13) fix

Hello! Today I've updated my Mac Mini (late 2012) to macOS High Sierra (10.13). After that none of my Wineskin apps launched (games, not games - doesn't matter). I've spent some hours searching for the solution and trying to fix myself. And I did it!))) Hope it will save your time.

1. Go to your app's Wineskin settings (Ctrl+click on it and choose Show package contents, then launch Wineskin from inside).
2. Select Screen options and remove all the checkboxes from "Other Options".
3. Launch (looks like it will help even if your app didn't launch without them, so just do it!).
4. Now you can quit app and revert all necessary checkboxes except "Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D".
5. Profit)

P.S.: I don't know if it's really necessary to remove all the checkboxes in step 2, but removing only "Auto Detect ..." won't help.

It worked for me, 

Thank you,

Tuan Anh Truong

Greats! That works perfectly. Thanks. 

Makes no difference at all! No top, bottom or sides to the windows. Like I said, this adjustment has no effect at all.

this worked for me. Thanks so much I had been looking for a solution for weeks now. 

This worked for me. Thank you so much. I had been looking for a solution for weeks! 

It did kinda start the game but there is only sound and a black window. I'm sorry if there is an obvious solution but I'm new to all of this

this worked for me, thanks a lot

The original document is available at