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.exe Flash game not working, screen freezing and glitching

Hi, I tried creating a wrapper for a .exe game that, when launched, titles the window as an Flash Player 25 game. However, the screen is completely black although the audio is playing. I've found that by taking another window and moving it across or "wiping" it across the game's window, the image will appear, but be frozen and jagged. I can control and click on things in the game but nothing will appear to be happening, but if I take another window and move it across the game screen, things will have changed. Is there some way to work around this odd issue or will this game simply not run properly in Wine? Thanks.

How did you install Flash? If you let the program install it itself then that may be part of the issue; please try again using Winetricks to install Flash. It will probably install an older version first but should update to a more recent version after that finishes installing (if I recall correctly — it's been a long while since I've used Flash in a Wineskin wrapper).

What's the game in question, anyways? There may already be a wrapper out there somewhere.

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