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War in the pacific admirals edition - matrix games

Hello, I'm new to macs. I have a new iMac with 27'" 5k Retina display. Trying to get one of my windows games to run.

I created a new wrapper and can get game running. However, cannot get full screen or sound. The screen is a small square in the middle of the 27" display. No matter what adjustments I try, cannot get it to full screen. In windows this game does not have resolution controls so it is done with switches on the exec line. So I've put these in the exe box in the wrapper.

-w -cpu1 -dd_sw -multiaudio -skipVideo -px3000 -py1500

Have not used winetricks. In set screen options have tried numerous adjustments. No luck.

Any ideas how to get this to full screen?

Thank you

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