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Way to bring official Wine package into Winery?


Is it possible to bring the Wine 2.5 devel, or new staging releases into a Wineskin Winery container? :-)


The WineHQ binaries?  Maybe with some manual manipulation... haven't ever tried.

Maybe not correct way to do it but it works.

Download Tarball zip from WineHQ. Unzip it. Put version file inside usr folder. Rename usr folder to wswine.bundle. That's the Wineskin engine You can put inside wrapper Frameworks folder.



You can get devel engines from here:



since 2.2 both vanilla and staging engines are 10.6+


please check that mediafire repo where includes vanilla and staging engines 


P.S doh123. it's really hard to post something on that forum. it should have been really upgraded to better one

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