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Aoe 2 HD on mac via Wineskin, top bar still visible.

Hey guys,

I used this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcYhO0fX9jY(external link) as my fourth attempt to get aoe 2 running on my mac without my friends getting lag because of me in multiplayer. It finally works, we can play without lag. I still have 2 problems though:

1. The top mac bar (with battery, wifi, date and time etc. on it) is still visible in game. I can't get it to full screen. The "toggle to full screen" button in the menu is greyed out.

2. To do something about this, I guess I have to configure wineskin in that advanced tab? The problem is, I did as the guy in the video recommended and entered the "steam.exe" instead of "nothing.exe" in the configuration. So now when I doubleclick the icon, it directly goes into steam, I don't see the window where I can go into advanced settings anymore. How can I get into the settings?

Thanks for any help!

You can right click the app and show packacge contnts, where you can find Wineskin.app to configure things.  Also as a shortcut you can hold down the fn button when opening to directly run Wineskin.app instead.

You can probably use the Full Screen options in Wineskin.app to get around having the macOS bar showing.

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