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IExplore not working in Wineskin engine WS9Wine2.2

When I run iexplore through the command line in Wineskin engine WS9Wine2.2 I get an access violation in module MSHTML.DLL. In WS9Wine1.9.11 that I used before this did work fine, is there any way to make it work again?

In WS9Wine1.9.11 I did have an occasional problem since the Mac was updated to OS Sierra where there was a simular sort of error in module IEFRAME.DLL, but this was not always. The new error is constant.

I use an app that uses 'ie in a frame' in the application, so that app gives the error as well. But without the app the error is there as well.

I discovered that engine WS9Wine2.1 still works okay, and WS9Wine2.2 has the    crash...

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