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unhandled exception : int $3 in wineskin


I have created winform application using geckofx browser. It's working fine in windows. I am also running same application in Mac OS using wineskin. In wineskin, all other winforms run smooth but as soon as I open winform which has geckofx browser in it. It run for few minutes and then show following error message. I tried latest wine engine but having same issue.

Full error is included in attachment.

I appreciate any kind of help.

0x0553b06c: int $3
Module Address Debug info Name (297 modules)
PE 400000- 408000 Deferred geckofx-29.0
PE 630000- ccd000 Export clr
PE cd0000- da7000 Deferred msvcr120_clr0400
PE 37c0000- 383d000 Deferred clrjit
PE 47c0000- 47cd000 Deferred culture
PE 4860000- 4872000 Deferred nlssorting
PE 4e90000- 6474000 Export xul
PE 6480000- 67c5000 Deferred mozjs
PE 67d0000- 6983000 Deferred nss3
PE 6990000- 69b4000 Deferred mozglue
PE 69c0000- 6ec0000 Deferred gkmedias
PE 6ec0000- 6ec6000 Deferred mozalloc
PE 95e0000- 95f8000 Deferred nssdbm3
PE 9700000- 9727000 Deferred softokn3
PE 9730000- 9780000 Deferred freebl3
PE 9780000- 97e4000 Deferred nssckbi
PE 10000000-1007e000 Deferred mscoreei

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