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Need 16 bit color (OS X no longer offers it)

trying to install creatures docking station (free to download, google it!) all is fine on first run post install, second run I get this pesky error about no 16 bit color.... os x el capitan has lost the option for thousands of colors (16 bit) even with switch res x however, so I am stuck. How do I force wineskin x11 to run in 16 bit mode? I just need to change a setting in the xorg.conf, which I can't find.

It doesn't work... I have some old 16 bit color games that died when OSX dropped support, no matter what I did with X11.

You can try lowering the colors, it sort of works in fullscreen mode, but still doesn't really work.  If you manually edit the file inside at Contents/info.plist there is a Resolution entry that will be different depending on your settings... but it should end with something like x24sleep0 .  That x24 is for color depth. If you change that to 15 (not 16, but 15), it used to work for 16 bit color games on old OSX versions before they dropped 16bit color support.

I have an old 16 bit color port. It uses Wine 1.3.18 and I was using it to run Moto Racer. Just updated it using the Porting Kit and it still works in Sierra. 



You will only need to install "Creatures Docking Station" and change the main EXE of the port. Only you open Wineskin.app it will revert my 16 bit color change, so after using it you can fix that by changing "Resolution" in "Info.plist" from "novdx24sleep0" to "novdx15sleep0".

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