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I have a folder of a PC game how do i run in mac with Wineskin.

Hi all,
If anyone can help me, im glady thank you to whoever that will step by step teach me how to do.
So i have a folder of a game, Shogun2 from pc and i wanted to play it mac. Im just so not sure what exactly that i have to do and so on. PLease help me. Thanks

While its usually better to install a game into the wrapper, its not always required.  If you have an already installed version from Windows, you can try manually copying the files into the wrapper.

Make a wrapper... try Wine 1.2.3 or the newest version first.. you can switch engines later for testing if needed, so its not extremely important.

Right click the wrapper and select "Show Package Contents" and navigate to drive_c/Program Files and copy the installed game folder into that directory.

You can then run the Wineskin.app that is just inside the wrapper, go to advanced and on the Config tab choose the exe thats in the Program Files game folder you copied in... hit The Test Run button and see if it works... and start all your troubleshooting and testing from there.

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