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How can I reroute .desktop files so they generate in another folder?

For the particular program I installed using Wineskin, I get three files automatically generated on my desktop on Mac. There is a .desktop file, a .url file, and a .lnk file. If I try to delete these files, they get generated again when I reopen the program. Is it possible to reroute where Wineskin searches for these files so that I don't have them cluttering my desktop?

I've never seen .desktop files get re-created... not sure what those others are, maybe something specific about whatever program you are using.  Typically I'll get a .desktop file on installation, then I just trash it, since its not needed, and it never comes back.

Maybe you could try going in winecfg and mapping the Desktop to another folder, but I've never tried that.

Thanks for the reply. Could you please be more specific? I tried opening winecfg, but I did not see any mention of the desktop path. For some reason, only one particular program, Tygem, has this problem.

I believe the tab is called Desktop Integration, were you can set up paths where folders map to.

Ok, I see what I was doing wrong. I was not aware that winecfg was accessed through the advanced settings in the wineskin app contained in the program's wrapper. I was foolishly trying to read through the text file version of winecfg. 

Anyway, I tried modifing the desktop path in winecfg, and then I clicked "Apply" followed by "Ok." For some reason, the change does not stick. When I try running the application, the files are still generated on the desktop. The path remains unchanged when I reopen winecfg. Any ideas?


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