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Trouble with fullscreen, window drivers on macOS Sierra


I'm attempting to run The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on macOS Sierra 10.12. I've successfully created a skin using Engine WS9Wine1.9.24 and Wrapper Version Wineskin-2.6.2. Everything works as it should in this regard, and the game is able to run.

My problem is regarding the Screen Options. I'm currently experiencing two problems, and solving either would be fine.

1) When using the Mac Driver instead of the X11 Driver, any combination of Screen Options settings I choose (automatic, override, rootless, fullscreen, virtual, decorated, etc.) results in a windowed version of the application running that is too large for the screen. I'll post a link to a screenshot below.

Screenshot Link (Imgur)(external link)

2) When using the X11 Driver instead of the Mac Driver, I can choose between rootless or fullscreen and see an apparent change (for example, the screen momentarily goes dark, save for the mouse cursor, for fullscreen), but the application consistently crashes after a few seconds of attempting to run. Yes, the latest XQuartz is installed.

Again, solving either of these problems would make the application operate "acceptably," but I will say that I'd prefer to run on the Mac Driver as Wine supposedly has full support for it now and the performance is noticeably better (faster, better Retina display support).

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