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Question about duplicating wrappers

I have wrappers on my Mac 10.7.5 that I use to run game Silent Hunter IV. But, rather than create a new wrapper for another modded version of the same game, I used the MAC DUplicate to have another wrapper and I changed the directory name of the game folder and of course the wrapper name. I opened the wrapper and changed the path to the exe to the new directory name. I then tried to run this wrapper but it simply "flashed", did not open in the dock and nothing happened. I also tried to make Custom Exes and they would not open either. I'm using older WIneskin 2.5.8 and WS8engine 1.3.14, both of which run fine in the original wrappers. What am I doing wrong?

Probably Mac Duplicate isn't copying the Wineskin files correctly (my guess is that it's ignoring their permissions). You should simply copy and paste the wrapper instead.

The most likely issue is probably an error in the path.

I deleted the Duplicate and just copied the origin wrapper and made the changes for the different version of the game and all runs well.  Thanks, I learned something.





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