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Compatibility issue macOS Sierra

Hi !
Since I updated my system, Batman Arkham Origins and Mass Effect 2 don't wan't to launch anymore with wineskin even though they were working perfectly with 10.11.
There's no crash, so no crash log, because the games are endlessly launching without anything happening.
The weird thing is that all my other games running on wine are still running properly, and I remember having the same issue last year when I updated to 10.11, so maybe Wineskin needs à 2.6.3 update ? Or am I the only one with this issue ?
Thank you for your answer.

It's strange that some people are having problems with Sierra, but only with specific applications. In the Porting Kit Community some people reported a similar problem. 

With El Capitan it was different; nothing worked at all in El Capitan until Doh released the update. We need someone with El Capitan and Sierra in the same computer to debug the same port (one which works differently) and compare the logs.

Unfortunately I don't think that is something related with Wineskin itself; it may be related with Wine, and then the problem is carrying over to Wineskin. 

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