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I can't play my games on Mac!

Hello everyone,

I've been always using a Mac and I was playing trough Steam few games, but now I'm not sure why this games won't work anymore on my Mac unless I use Wine, I've never used it before so I'm totally lost... I'm trying to find guides online on how to do it but I'm being unlucky...

I downloaded first Wine Bottler, because I found a video which was saying that would work, but for me it doesn't, because all the files I put in there they come out with an icon I've never seen before and if I double click on them it opens like something to read, like a note but is not a note.

So I found on the net another explanation:

https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/58c1dt/wineskin_update_play_sto_on_mac/(external link)

Where it talks about Wineskin, I downloaded it and use it, I tried to install Star Trek Online the way he say it and it worked but at the end it creates a file on my desktop which is .desktop and I have no idea how to open it... I tried with wine, wineskin & wine bottler but nothing.

Can you please help me? please keep in mind that I'm not that good in this things so talk to me like to a child...


I don't know if STO still works... all MMORPGs get updated and changed constantly.  I stopped getting STO to work because they released a Mac version, so its no longer needed.

Every other game is a case by case basis.  Some things will work easy... most will take a lot of work and troubleshooting... and many just will never work with current Wine, as its still a constant work in progress.

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