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LibreOffice and OpenOffice

I have a low-frequency strobe sensitivity, and used to use LibreOffice. Since MacOS doesn't have as many tools to disable blinking cursors as Windows and Wine do, I tried to use LibreOffice in Wineskin, with the regedit.exe and/or win.ini hacks to disable blinking cursors.

I installed LibreOffice 5.2.2 in Wineskin. The installer worked, but soffice.exe simply opened a blank rectangle and stopped. I didn't try to edit the registry and other settings.

I haven't tested it in Wine proper, or I'd update the app database at WineHQ.

I also installed OpenOffice 4.1.3 in Wineskin. The installer worked, and soffice.exe opened perfectly. I then edited the registry and other settings, but was unable to stop the blinking cursor.

I have no idea why one works and the other doesn't.

Because nobody has tested LibreOffice 5 and posted on the Winehq.org appdb, I'm pretty unable to help. I think you'd get a better response with more knowledgeable individuals from the winehq.org forums. Maybe post there, saying you were using wineskin and are on a mac, and then install an Ubuntu Virtual Machine (using Virtual Box) and test it out in there. If it works on the VM you'll know it's a problem with Mac OSX and wineskin and not a wine bug itself. If it doesn't work on the Ubuntu VM either, then you know that it's a bug in wine itself and can file a bug report.


You'll almost guaranteed (at least from what I've seen) to be told to use official wine on the forums, so make sure to mention that your trying it out in a Ubuntu VM shortly.

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