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Can Wineskin Block Flashing Cursors?

I have a low-frequency strobe sensitivity, so I need to block flashing cursors.

MacOS doesn't allow users to block flashing cursors in Webkit, although one hack allows users to block flashing cursors in NSText, and some applications have their own settings.

Macissues link(external link)

Apparently both Windows and Wine allow users to block flashing cursors in any apps, using either a regedit or a win.ini hack.

Jurta link(external link)

Does Wineskin allow this? So far, I've only tried the above hack in one app, and haven't been able to use Wineskin to block flashing cursors using both the regedit and the win.ini hacks.

Has specified in the link:


Linux Wine (Windows emulator)

Open up ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/win.ini. Once open, add the line


to the Windows section of the INI file. This works in recent versions. The regedit trick doesn't seem to work at all.


You can find the drive_c folder by right clicking the Wineskin wrapper and pressing "Show Package Content". Once there, you will be able to find 'windows' and then 'win.ini'. Adding that line should work.


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