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Disc Keeps ejecting so can't get setup.exe from it (Fallout 3)

Alright, so I saw a wineskin tutorial on how to play Fallout 3 on the mac. I have a copy of fallout 3 for the PC as I used to be able to run bootcamp (it's a long sad story) so I decided to try and follow this tutorial.

I inserted the disc, it showed up on the desktop, I selected the .exe, everything was going great. But it froze on the install wizard thingy where it's downloading from windows online or whatever. It was like this for a super long time so I left to do other things, my laptop went on sleep mode and when I pressed space the disc ejected and the thing was still frozen.

So I decided I'd try and restart the process, but now the fallout 3 wrapper thing I made doesn't open at all and when I try to put in the disc to get the .exe for a new one it just auto ejects it for some reason.

TLDR: Things were working fine, but the disc ejected at some point during install. Now disc auto ejects so I can't get the setup.exe from it.

Mac readers use to be really bad. My old Mac simply doesn't liked some discs and refused to read them, mostly old or cheap discs. Considering that it's an original Fallout 3 disc it might even be 8 years old. Your Mac reader may have simply decided that it won't that disc anymore :P 

About the wrapper, that may happen if there is any wrapper process still running in the background. You easily solve that by restarting the computer.

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