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Can't open Config Utility for my wrapper

This is my first time using Wineskin Winery, and I am trying to download a game originally only for PC. I'm following a tutorial on YouTube that has worked fairly well for most people, but one of the steps requires opening the Config Utility (winecfg) in Wineskin Advanced - Tools. I can't open up the config utility for some reason, and I've searched for solutions, but nobody seems to have the same problem as me.
My MacBook Air is currently running on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, and the Wineskin homepage does say the highest compatibility is 10.10, but since barely anything is different between the two versions, I decided to go ahead with the tutorial.

It's really important that I get winecfg to open!

Wineskin is already compatible with Mac OS X 10.11.X (all the versions of 10.11). If winecfg isn't opening, probably you didn't created your wrapper correctly. Which game are you trying to install exactly?


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