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Wineskin and x86_x64 prefix

Is it possible to set a wrapper's WinePrefix using Wineskin's Wine Command Line Terminal function? There is currently an x64 wswine.bundle using WineSherry1.9.3 (community offshoot of the WineHQ and WineStaging projects) The engine works great. I am able to install multiple x64 dependencies but when I try to install dotnet for some reason it will not install through Winetricks stating that it is not compatible within a 64bit environment.

More information concerning my inquiry can be found here(external link)

As far as I know, the prefix is "choosen" when the wrapper engine is installed. So basically, you can't change the wine prefix unless you change the engine to a x86_64 engine, like Wineskin regular engines.

After installing dotnet you can change the engine back, but probably apps that use dotnet won't work doing that because it would be 32bits .NET, and not 64bits .NET. The best in the case would be to use a 64bits .NET installer instead of the dotnet winetrick. 

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