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How allow wineskin check system requirements?

Hi, Im trying to install Oracle 11g database on my mac using Wineskin, but during installation I get errors when the install wizard is checking my system requirements.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

What do there error tell you? Can you provide screenshots of what is happening? Sometime Wine doesn't recognize certain components as what they are exactly...especially on newer systems. You can try to force the wrapper to recognize your system by editing the user.reg file. 


| +->VideoPciDeviceID
| | DWORD Value (REG_DWORD): sets the pci device id of the video card. See next value.
| |
| +->VideoPciVendorID
| [DWORD Value (REG_DWORD): sets the pci vendor id of the video card. By default Wine estimates
| these values based on OpenGL info but this doesn't work well in all cases. If you want to
| override our estimates check the output of e.g. lspci -n on Linux. For a video card this
| could show 05:00.0 0300: 10de:0402 (rev a1). In this result 0x10de (Nvidia) is the pci vendor
| id and '0x0402' (Geforce 8600GT) is the pci device id. The '0x0300' means video card.]


You can find your device and vendor id under the menu bar apple logo > About this Mac > System Report > Graphics and Displays

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