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Winebottler faster than Wineskin

Everything I port and everything I get working runs faster on Winebottler than with Wineskin. Even if I use the same engines. Its just faster. There are a few games that heavily slow down with a Wineskin port but run smooth with Winebottler.

Why is that?

There shouldn't be a difference, but I really don't know much about WineBottler.  It could come down to something with WineskinX11 being outdated.  Does the speed difference still show if both are using Mac Driver, and/or both are using XQuartz and not WineskinX11?

Could you give examples of these games which slow down?


Yeah, I think it's a nice idea to compare Wineskin and WineBottler. WineBottler is open source as well, so this should make such comparison a little bit easier.

I recognized this with TowerClimb the most. Its an indie game which heavily uses shaders. The Wineskinport is nearly unplayable. The winebottler port seems way faster. 

It's a bad example because not many know the game. I bought it on steam but in order to port it I had to use a steam emulator.

There are also versions out there with the emulator already in place if you want to give it a try. Problem is that the level where the performance differences kick in is really late in the game. 

Winetricks you need are d3dx9_36, xact, mfc24.dll

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