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H1Z1, osx El Capitain

I'm trying to play H1Z1 on my Mac and doesn't work. It was installed the steam and game, and runs until the daybreak screen when appears the button "play". After that it wont start the H1Z1.be file. Opens a black window (H1Z1.be) and dont start up. What I do?

This game is strictly 64bit by the looks of the GameDebate system requirements list. Using regular Wineskin engines will likely not work. There is a portingteam member that has been working diligently to provide the community with 64bit engine which can be found here ---> http://portingteam.com/topic/10469-developing-best-engine-for-wineskin/pagest150#entry105232

 There's no gurantee that it will work but it's pretty much the only option available at this time. You may also want to disable DX11 in WineCfg as it may try to load game using this which will also cause it to crash.

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