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MS FS2004 instrument panel gauges

Iwill try to explain my problem with the least amount of words possible. I am running MS FS2004 on wine 1.9.2. Everything works perfectly except for some of the AI airplanes instrument panel gauges do not appear! The ones that i get from the Net work ok, only the aircraft that come with the sim. If i run FS2004 on Crossover, all the gauges on inst. panel appear fine I know there has to be an fix in winetrickd , but which one? Can anyone help please?


I have had problems with gauges in FSX Steam Edition not displaying. This may help in FS2004. FSX only loads trusted gauges (which are in effect dll files). To get around this in wine config libraries enter wintrust in the new library to add box and make it native.

Install the add on plane as per its read me instructions. When you load the plane if it has no gauges in the cockpit quit FSX and navigate to (in your FSX bottle) drive C\user\wineskin\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX (or FSX-SE depending on the install) and load the fsx.CFG file into a text editor. Find the Trusted section and below it there should be a list of file paths, the filename should end in .gau with a string of characters after it and = something. A bit like the following example. 

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\elevtrim.gau.wqwiiuiuiraozanniuoeqrhiiczahwtortebwzqh=2 

if the number at the end is negative (generally -2) just delete the minus for any that are minus and save the file. The gauges should then display. When using FSX on a Windows system it prompts you if a gauge is not trusted (i.e. digitally signed) and you can choose to trust it. Wine appears not to do this - hence the work around. It should not matter that the gauge is not signed as Wine effectively sandboxes the Windows programs.

I hope this helps in FS2004.



I went into the panel folder in the planes affectedand looked at the panel cfg file which has a list of all the gauges in panel and found no -@'s.   Thank you much for the help! I know the answer is in winetricks.....   





The file you need to be looking at is the FSX.cfg file, not the panel.cfg file. See above for the file path.

I looked at the FS2004 CFG file and there are no gau. files listed there ,none. The only place gau. flles are listed is the panel cfg. I am striking out on both fronts. With Crossover everything works perfect except for the jet engine sounds. Some jets ,the sound is ok and others the sound crackles. With wineskin wrapper i fixed sound that crackled with winetricks Directx sound. But with wineskinwrapper some of the planes have invisible gauges!!!! I have looked everywhere but to no luck. But again, Thanks for the effort. I am going to try disableing SIP in OS X El Capitan and see if that does anything because when i used to run FS2004 on Snow Leopard with Crossover i never had problem with sound. and what is really strange is that only some of the AI planes do the jet sound thing. you would not believe how much damn time i am putting into this!! Thanks Again

NO trusted section in fs2004 cfg.


Actually the problem is in Wineskin because if i use Crossover (which also uses wineskin) all the panel gauges are visible but tje sound of jet engines crackles severely and Crossover does not have "winetricks". When i use Winskin, i got rid of "crackling" noise but have issue with gauges not appearing. Some of the AI aircraft panel gauges appear and others dont.The answer is in Wineskin wrapper!



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