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I have been searching for a solution for a while now, and multiple times come across this website and forum, but whenever I would read tutorials or posts of people that made it work, I couldn't quite understand because frankly I don't have any knowledge regarding computers let alone how Wineskin works.

I have a (cracked) version of Battle for Middle Earth II: LotR, and ever since my update the X11 error showed up. Could somebody help me out regarding the Wineskin problem with El Capitan? I would have no idea how to do it myself...

Thanks a lot!


To fix my 2.5.x installation on El Capitan...


Double click the WineSkin container app.

Immediately hold the Option key during startup.

Click "Advanced"

Click "Tools"

Click “Update Wrapper”. You should see it update to 2.6.2 or newer.

Click "Refresh Wrapper". This may hang. If it runs for more than 5 minutes, force quit it. (I'm not sure this step is necessary.)

File -> Close to quit the WineSkin container if it's still running.

Rename the container from "MyWineskin.app" to "MyWineskin2.app" for example.

Run it.

It seems to repair itself.

File -> Close.

Rename the app back to the original name.



Your milage may vary.


Install Porting Kit, add the application to your local tab and then press Play. Porting Kit will offer to update your wrapper. Press Yes and it's going to ready in a few seconds.



I followed your directions to update Wineskin - I now have version 2.6.2. I no longer get the X11 error popup that 10Marshmallows mentioned, however now my game (TES III: Morrowind) won't launch at all... the program starts very briefly before closing on its own; no play menu or anything shows up. I know you said "your mileage may vary" but do you have any idea what could have gone wrong/any fixes for this new problem?

Thanks in advance!




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