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Long wrapper launch times--Diablo 2 launches 15-20 seconds!

doh, I love your app, but would it be possible for you to optimize wrapper launching times? Even older games are launching really, really long, in the case of Diablo 2 it takes 15-20 secs for the Wineskin icon to appear.

And no icon for such a long time means that the user does not know whether the app has been actually launched or not...

This depends on your system and the program your running... I've tried to optimize it as much as I can, but a lot of things have to start up.  On my system most wrappers start up in 2 to 3 seconds... i have none that take 15-20.

If anyone wants to look at the code and thinks of some better ways to start up, I'm all ears... I'd love to optimize it as much as possible.

Maybe at least the wrapper icon could show up quicker in the Dock? Sometimes I don't even know whether the wrapper is opening or was it a misclick.

OS X handles when that shows up.  The wrapper starts right away.  Everything Wineskin controls happens after the icon shows up... why your system won't show up right away, I do not know... I do not know how to change that.  I even run it on very old slow machines it it shows up right away.

doh123, probably he is talking about a Mac Driver port. In that case, the icon only shows up when some window pops out.

I did not think about that, I do not use the Mac Driver.  That would take some editing to Wine source code itself to change.  I had plans on making a custom Mac Driver for Wineskin.... but... it would take A LOT of work to make it as good as just using WineskinX11.  WineskinX11 is a lot better right now for Wine.  I wouldn't use the Mac Driver unless you have to.

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