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integrated or dedicated graphic card option?

im using wineskin first time, im using it to run some audio related software (which don´t need the dedicated card), just wondering if theres an option in wineskin so it runs just using the integrated card.. i guess not cus i didn´t find it (just asking here to make sure), for now im using gfxcardsatus app but i have to select the card everytime manually (kinda annoying), thanks.

With the way Apple handled graphics card switching... making the wrapper be able to work for anything including games... there is really no way I can do this without integrated a whole gfxCardStatus program inside of it.  Its easier to just use gfxCardStatus.

I always leave my machine locked on integrated only, all the time.  I only change it manually right before I know I need it changed.  I run into a few programs that change it for no reason, and kills battery life and makes more heat... easier to just leave it locked integrated 95% of the time.

"I always leave my machine locked on integrated only" , you do this with gfxcardstatus? i ask cus when i restart osx, gfxcardstatus always go back to "automatic schitiching" , doesn´t let me start with "integrated card"..

yes I use gfxCardStatus.  I rarely reboot, but when I do, yes, I have to set it back to integrated only.

ok thanks!


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