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'Download packages manually' doesn't work? help appreciated.

So, i'm new to this, and i'm trying to install the wrapper for skyrim, but when I try to download things from the winery app, I get the following error message. Really sorry if this had already been posted, thanks for the help.

I know the link generated is broken, and with the current website I can't really fix it without changing the code in Winery.

That said, If you just click the Downloads button at the top, thats all its supposed to go to.  There is a link there for manual downloads.

Normally manual downloads aren't needed... its just if for osme reason you cannot use the built in downloader in Winery.

This has nothing to do with Skyrim or any specific wrapper someone else has made... you'll have to download and use those on your own, and doesn't need Winery.

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