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Is there any way to use Voice Over or Screen Readers with WineSkin?

Hi, this is something I'm especially interested in for my program Bounce Metronome as on Windows, it's one of the few music programs that blind musicians can use.

I'm keen to make it accessible on the Mac also.

Not sure if I'm missing something but I can't get Voice Over to work with my Wineskin.

All it does is to speak the name of the program.

It can't see any of the text. I tried the setting in VoiceOver to speak text under the mouse - and it was silent no matter where I hovered the mouse over my program.

Also - to make sure it's nothing to do with my code - I tried Voice Over with notepad as the executable for the wineskin, instead of my program. No luck, in the same way, it can't "see" notepad at all, it's menu or any text in it.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get Voice Over to read Windows programs inside of a WineSkin?

Or any idea of technical reasons for this (might make it easier to search for a solution if I know why it is happening).


If not, does anyone know of another screen reader that can do it on the Mac?

Or - can I somehow install a screen reader inside of the Wineskin and use that instead?

My program works fine on Windows even with Windows Narrator - a minimal screen reader that comes installed with Windows.

If there was some way to enable Windows Narrator inside of the skin - that would do also work of course - not with all the features of Jaws or Window Eyes - but it would make it a usable program for blind musicians.

Or any other ideas?

Any program that's able to read out text inside of a wineskin for the current keyboard focus control when you tab around in a program would make it usable for a blind musician.


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