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`Option key works as Alt` don't work in Mavericks

I've used Alt key in Lion with earlier version of Wineskin. After updating to ML I've updated Wineskin too. At that point Alt key stopped to work.

Now I've updated to Mavericks. And finally found this wonderful option: `Option key works as Alt`. But I can't use it. Looks like it just don't work.

I've tried to refresh wrapper, update wrapper, change engine used (1.7.4 now), but this had no effect.

Can anybody confirm is this option broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

This is a key mapping used in X11.  If you are using the Mac Driver instead of X11, this will not work.  Wineskin is still using completely stock Wine Mac Driver, so many customizations are not yet supported.

If you are using WineskinX11 (or XQuartz with that option selected in XQuartz preferences) then it really should work.

Thank You for your answer. Works fine now!


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