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New Wrapper includes Gecko and Mono


I've downloaded wineskin winery and played around with it. I have created a new bottle, and said to the prompt that I want to download gecko. That worked just fine for me, the thing is that now every wrapper I create includes gecko (and mono as well) by default. How can I change this? (For now I uninstall it manually after I've created the wrapper.)

OS X 10.8, Wineskin Winery 1.7, Wrapper Version Wineskin-2.5.12, Engine WS9Wine1.7.2

Thanks for your help!

yes.. newer versions of Wine has started caching these...

look in your home folder for the (hidden) folder called .cache

Basically you can trash the whole following folder to get rid of the cached installers...


As long as it doesn't find the installers for Mono and Gecko in that folder, it won't autoinstall them and will prompt to download them again.

Can't find it


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