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not enough space in drive c

Hello everyone.
first of all sorry for my english, but I am an Italian user and languages ​​are not my strong point.
I use wineskin winery. I have downloaded the wrapper and I have the setup.exe and the various setup.bin so it takes a setup.exe to install the game.
By clicking on "install software" wrapper and choosing the setup I open this window:
http://i44.tinypic.com/2m63cx0.png(external link)

as you can see from the image tells me that the "drive c" there is not enough space what should I do?
I live in the suburbs and it took me days to download the game :-( help me please

PS MacBook is new and it is not possible that I have not really space

this isn't Windows so there is really no C drive, as Macs don't use drive letters.  What the programs running in Wine see as a drive C is a folder inside of the wrapper.

This means if you have the wrapper itself on a drive that has no space... then it has no space.  Make sure your wrapper is on a drive that has enough space on it.  Also remember that a dmg or iso file are disk images and treated as their own disk drive.  If the Image has no space in it, then it has no space in it.

Your pic is not opening here, but I had the same problem once. Thy to install the program using a different Wineskin Engine, or install the game in a Windows machine and move the game files (the ones in 'Program Files') to your Mac computer, and put them manually inside your wrapper.

I'm not sure why exactly this works, but I was having the same problem. I copied the files from the .iso image into a new folder and then installed from there (moving the folders when doing so), then built created an alias of the .exe file on my desktop and "installed software" using that alias rather than the actual .exe file that was within the Wineskin. Not sure if that was the right way to do it or not, but it worked for me!



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