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Screen captor

hi guys. I would really need some advice ASAP. I bought a screen capturing tool but it su.... anyway. at the office we use screen capture, really usefull, does what i need, captors the screen and whats most important for me, it does AUTOSAVE. So i am trying to port the windows version of screen captor.When i start the wine, it runns, but it seems I cant use it. :-( I tried with the latest engine and 1.30 engine, same problem. any clues? thank you.

Here is the link to the windows version. If any oy you would like to try to port it.

http://download.cnet.com/Screenshot-Captor/3000-20432_4-10433616.html(external link)

thank you a lot.

humble.. TheWolfX

You don't need a Screen Capture program in Mac. Type Cmd + Shift + 3 and your Mac will take a screenshot and save it in your desktop.

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