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tmp-files causing crashes?

If you might or might not know, the Mac port of The Witcher is a Wineskin app. It works very well, but sometimes it crashes ("witcher.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"), and after that, it just won't work anymore until I restart my machine. Not refreshing the wrapper - restarting my host!
I checked a bit what could cause the problem and why restarting would help and found out that it's something in my /tmp/-folder. When I just clear my /tmp/-folder after a crash of the game, it works again without problems.
Is that a known issue? I currently don't have any logs to post because the game didn't crash again yet, but I guess it will sooner or later.

I do not know what version of Wineskin is used in the current one... or what changes may have been made.  You may be able to manually update the game by putting in a Wineskin.app and updating it to a newer version.

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