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Ultima Online with AssistUO or Razor - stuck 'verifying'

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 and am having trouble getting Razor or AssistUO to work properly with UO. Both of these have the same issue - when I try to log in to the server, they get past the 'connect' stage quickly, but get stuck on the 'verifying' stage.

If I enter the wrong port number for the server, it immediately gives an error, so it does seem as if it is actually connecting to the server, but just not getting any further.

If I run UO itself through the wrapper, I can log successfully into the EA servers. I've installed the same packages under VMWare Fusion, and can connect to the Ultima Online Forever shard without a problem. But I'd really like to get this working through Wineskin so I don't have to run VMWare to log into UOForever.

Any ideas?

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