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Fallen Earth doesn't launch

Hello guys,actually,I haven't even run a program with wineskin,so I'm new to it.I downloaded a a dmg file of a game called Fallen earth.I opened it and there was writing "drag both these files to the applications folder.One of them had an icon of the game,the other one was a folder.I did what it needs.The game launcher opens,I can download and install updates.But when I press the "LAUNCH" button,nothing happens.The game icon still stays at the dock.I can open other programs,no problems on dock.PLEASE HELP.

The company that makes Fallen Earth made that version themselves... you'll have to ask them for help.

If I had a wild guess, its probably an old version and you have OS X 10.7.5+ or 10.8.2+... so the wrapper is too old to work correctly.

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