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Windows getting "lost" behind main window (HOMM3 + WoG)

I have successfully set up Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete using Wineskin, with wrapper 1.5.21AMDSpeedHack and Wineskin-2.5.8. It was fairly trivial - I am very impressed by what you guys have accomplished.

I then installed the "HD Mod", which was also pretty painless, though it took a little more thought.

Where I'm running into problems is with installing "WoG 3.58f" on top of that, or "ERA II", both of which do similar things, and which share some code. Both add new interface elements to the game, which when activated cause new windows to appear, in which other controls exist.

The installation is actually successful - and the game runs correctly. The various interface mods are visible, and everything is fine. Except... if I click on one of the mods which should open a new window, I see nothing visible happen. However, the audio aspect of the UI tells me that *it* thinks it drew he window just fine, and if I hit "esc" to exit the window, I regain control. Furthermore, if I type blind at the missing window, my keystrokes have the expected effect (for example, renaming a town).

Most strange of all, when I quit the game, I can briefly, for a fraction of a second, see the missing windows! It's as if they're being "lost" by X11 in some way so the game can't close them when I esc out of them.

This doesn't seem to be an X11 thing - it happens both with the builtin X11 and Apple's. It also happens with a vanilla HOMM3 with WoG, without the HD Mod.

I am at a loss as to how to deal with this. Anyone have any suggestions?


Everything works, though slowly, with engine 1.3.18. It gets crashy by 1.3.25, and the window drawing bug appears in 1.3.28 and ever goes away (through 1.5.23). See the follow topic "Window (?) drawing regression, ever since 1.3.28" for further discussion (if any).

The original post to this thread is 4 years old.

Yet, I am experiencing this exact same issue to this day.

Running OS X El Capitan under the latest wineskin version..

Heroes III Era II, latest version..

I cannot see my commander's stats above all else. Or specific monster stats that are available but windows are hidden behind the main window..

I wonder if the programmers are aware or if there will eventually be a patch for this.

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