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Might & Magic Vi: Screen Flickering

Dear all,

I am trying to run M&M VI (Mandate of Heaven) on my Mac OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion).

Having DL'ed the game from GOG (in a Six-pack with all the older games), I created a WS9Wine 1.5.21 in Wineskin 2.5.8

PROBLEM - constant flickering on the top of screen !!!

- M&M VI will start, however the intro screens (3DO logo, intro movie) are un-viewable. Most of the menu screen is visible except the top, where constant flickering appears. The character generation screen is almost not visible. When the game starts, I can move around and everything but the top of the screen is very annoying - flickering etc.


- Updated wrapper (twice!)
- Used different versions of wrappers: 1.4, 1.5.1. 1.5.21 - game would not start
- WINESKIN - ADVANCED - SCREEN OPTONS - Un-checked "decorate windows" - no change
- WINESKIN - ADVANCED - SCREEN OPTONS - Un-checked "Auto detect GPU" - no change
- WINETOOLS - Configutilities - Application - changed windows version to 1) 98 2) 95 - no change
- WINETOOLS - Configutilities - Graphics - "emulate virtual desktop" - Set resolution to 640*480 - no change
- WINETRICKS - Ran the gdiplus (dlls) file - no change

Im sure this game works with WINE - but Im at a loss here of what to do...any help would be greatly appreciated!



I played this and all the Windows versions of the old Might and Magic games with Wineskin... back when I tried this one, it was like Wine 1.1.9 ... very old and it started breaking on newer versions.  So first you may try an older version like that.  Next I had to use Override->Fullscreen set to 640x480.  Your Winecfg virtual desktop setting won't do anything because Wineskin overrides that with its own screen options.  Override->fullscreen and override->virtual desktop are both virtual desktops in Wine, but one uses a window in X11 and one runs X11 in a fullscreen so that Wine looks like its running fullscreen even though its not.  If I recall right I had to do nothing more... but this was year ago and on OS X 10.6.

Thanks alot mr. Doh, 

Unfortunalty, I still find myself with the same issues. I tried 

1) installing Wine 1.1.9 

2) Set screen options - overrride - Virtual desktop at 640*480

3) Any possible combination of the above (tried different Wine versions etc.) 


Still the same issue.....

thanks in advance for any imput!! 


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Using the WS9Wine 1.5.10NoXInput2 fixed the no-mouse issue (which I just noticed I had on top of the top of the screen being broken). 


Would appreciate any help! (or suppose I could play the game and just try to ignore seeing my desktop instead of the sky...)




I seem to be having the same flickering issue with at least a couple of games, Fallout and Railroad Tycoon.


When I set it to Virtual Desktop it runs without the issue, but it's not fullscreen.  I had it work once after setting it to fullscreen, but when I closed the wrapper and tried to open it again the issue came back.  It seems to have something to do with the way wineskin changes the screen resolution mode.


I'm running all of the latest (including patches to Fallout) on a MacBook Pro with Nvidia 650M .



Okay, I just had the successful scenario reoccur, so I'll tell you what happened and give you some log files.

First I went into the Package Contents to open the wrapper GUI.  Then I went to Wineskin Advanced, then to Screen options.  In screen options, I went to rootless and set a virtual desktop, but rather than sticking with that setting I changed it back to Fullscreen (if this was redundant, I apologize, but I'm just re-enacting the scenario as I'm confused as to why it sometimes works).  I then did a Test Run and guess what;  It initialized (some boxes showing up then disappearing) but failed to run properly (it quit without ever entering the game), but it gave me some logs anyways.

Then I simply clicked Test Run again and voila! Fallout was running with no flickering.  If I repeat the test run without quitting, it still runs successfully.

But, when I quit Wineskin, open it again and straight away do a Test Run, the flickering returns.

I'm guessing the reason it worked has to do with the inconsistent nature of Wineskin/X11 .  It seems to me that some calls are being interrupted/cancelled/skipped and that results in the failure to run.  Then when I ran it again one of those same calls were skipped (but other calls proceeded smoothly) and that resulted in Fallout working properly.  Just a tentative speculation, sorry if it lacks real technical acumen.

After looking at the logs, X11 seems clean, but I wouldn't know how to identify if the Wine logs showed anything, though the runs weren't identical.

The difference I see between Fail and Success! is that the new screen mode was initialized three times at the top, rather than twice.

The logs, in the same order of my respective scenario are WineFail, WineSuccess!, and Wine (Wine representing the 'normal' screen flickering run).


First X11 log

2nd Wine log

2nd Wine log (last one was X11, oops)

3rd 'normal' Wine log


3rd 'normal' x11 log

I'm not really sure what is going on there, or why it would work any differently... Wineskin.app running should not affect WineskinX11 at all... it initializes it the same from scratch every time you run a Test Run, nothing is cached or anything like that.

It could just be a minor bug with WineskinX11 showing up at times... for testing have you bypassed using that and just used XQuartz instead?

The bug that's going on here is filed in the Wine bugzilla here: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29261

Notice the most recent responses (late Feb 2013). Henri Verbeet claims that it's an Apple bug in OS X related to (mis)usage of the OpenGL backbuffer. At the very least the claim is that it is not a bug in Wine. He's probably right since this problem only happens on Lion and above.

Unfortunately, Henri's attitude also boils down to "Get Apple to solve their bug or live with the problem cause we don't care about your issue if you're using a 'proprietary OS.'"

Indeed, he summarily resolved the bug as an upstream problem.

Since the Wine folks don't seem to care about our plight and Apple hasn't bothered addressing the issue since Lion's release, some kind of workaround is probably going to have to come either from a winetricks hack or Wineskin. I don't have the expertise for either.


Have you tried the mac driver? Check it out: http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-view_blog_post.php?postId=64(external link)


Hello. I had this problem with Heroes of M&M III, and fixed it like this:

Advanced>Tools>Winetricks>Settings>enable ddr=gdi and press "run"


I hope this helps you


Perfect solution, work's great thx



Screen Flicker is a problem with many games with wine on osx There are 2 solutions


First use winetricks to switch ddr=gdi from opengl

This has the drawbacks, especially if your game uses any hardware accelerated 3d elements.  (xwing95 comes to mind)


The second is to use a version of wine with the no flicker hack applied.  available here


All crossover based engine's already has this hack applied!

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