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keyboard unresponsive on newer dx games

Hi, I'm brand new to wineskin, so I may be missing something simple.

I've got ghost recon 1 working fine, but when I try to run a wrapper for Spore, it tells me the video drivers are out of date. I can still run the game, and the video is crisp, but only the mouse works, and the game doesn't respond to any keyboard input. It also told me it was downloaded directx... 9? I can't recall now, but is there a simple way to get wineskin updated with the latest directx drivers, or is there another method I should work on? Thanks in advance.


DirectX is built in... installing Microsoft DirectX or just some of their dlls with Winetricks does fix issues in some games, but it also can totally break other games.  You do not want to install anything at all into your wrapper... just install a game, and then try to run it.  *if* it doesn't work, thats when you try other things, but just know what you might try can break things worse than they were before, even if you don't realize it at first.  Trial and error and making backup copies can take a long time.  You can also check out the AppDB on WineHQ.org and see what other people have done to get the same program working, which can save you a lot of time.

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